Instant Film Frame PSD Pack

Instant Film Frame PSD Pack


What’s included:

  • 7 instant film frames: White, black, silver, gold, metallic red, pink, mini horizontal white frame

Easy to use Photoshop files

  • Simply double-click on the red layer labeled “double-click”

  • Add your photo, resize if necessary

  • File > save

  • Done!

You can reuse these PSD files over and over to experiment and create new instant film photos.

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Create your own instant film photos digitally

With these PSD files you can create your own instant film photos, again and again.

Unlike shooting film where you only have one chance to get the perfect shot, you can use these PSDs to create an endless amount of instant film photos.

Want to see how?

Watch this short video tutorial to see how you can add your photos to these instant film frame PSD mockups.