Unboxing Moment Case and Lenses

A film of the unboxing of the Moment case and lenses from Kickstarter. Click through to watch!

Unboxing Moment Case and Lenses from Kickstarter

Moment is creating amazing products to help you improve your mobile photography. I first heard about their beautifully crafted lenses several months and instantly knew I needed to start using them right away. I've used one lens for my iPhone already, the mobile LM-10 lens from Lensbaby. Here are some photographs using that lens!

Then I discovered Moment launched a campaign on Kickstarter for a special case specifically crafted to make taking photos on your iPhone that much easier. The Moment Case is the first iPhone 6 case truly created for mobile photographers.


The tele lens lets you get twice as close to your subject without distortion or degradation (which does happen when you zoom while using your iPhone camera so don't do this)! The wide lens helps you capture more of the scene in your landscapes without bending it, much like a fisheye lens effect.

The Unboxing

Here's a video I filmed for unboxing the Moment case and lenses from the Kickstarter campaign. As a designer, I'm always attracted to elegantly designed package design with added touches. I appreciate every detail from the surprise copy on an inside flap to every silver foil stamp. You can sense the thoughtful dedication Moment lends to their products by the way they present them. Take a look in the video below.

Key Features of the Moment Case


Shutter Button: One of the best features is the DSLR like shutter button. Located on the top of the case, the Moment Shutter Button is a multi-state button that enables half press and full press features just like a DSLR camera. Half-press the button to lock focus and exposure on your subject or hold down to unlock burst mode.

Smart Lens Interface: The reinforced stainless stell interface guides, rotates, and holds Moment lenses securely into place. It also recognizes when lenses are attached to unlock advanced software features.

Rubberized Grip: Custom TPU material makes the phone easy to hang on to while taking photos but not too grippy that it gets stuck in your pocket.

Tapered Grip: This makes holding your phone even easier for horizontal and vertical shooting. Before I had this case, the design of the iPhone 6 is slippery which makes photo capturing more challenging.

Super Thin: Designed to be slim enough for everyday use, and easy to take in and out of pockets.

Statues LED: Pin hole light to let you know when your case is connecting to your phone via B.L.E.


Camera Strap Attachment: Reinforced, machined aluminum bar designed to work with nearly any kind of writ or neck strap. I currently don't have a strap for the case but it's definitely on my list now after experimenting with the case and lenses this past week!

All photos and the above gif included in this post are by Moment. Film shot and edited by Monica Galvan.

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