Quick VSCO Editing Tip: Copy and Paste

Learn how to use this quick VSCO Cam editing tip to streamline your mobile editing process

Copy and paste: VSCO Cam's hidden tip

It's no secret I love using VSCO Cam for mobile photography editing. I experiment with photo editing apps on my iPhone often, browsing with curiosity in the Photo/Video category of the app store for what's "new", but I'll always come back to VSCO Cam. VSCO is an art and technology company doing great things in the photography world. Their mission is to empower people everywhere to create, discover, and connect. It's not about quickly snapping a photo and slapping on a filter. It's about capturing moments, documenting life, and sharing it with the world. VSCO has really raised the bar in mobile photography and I'm excited to see how VSCO Cam evolves over time.

When I discovered one of VSCO Cam's newer app updates a few months ago, I was blown away by how much smoother my mobile editing process could be and now is thanks to this feature! Let's say you've taken several photos, you upload them to your VSCO Cam library, and you choose one to enhance and fine tune. You've just created an amazing version of this photo and wish you could replicate the effect on similar ones you've taken throughout the day. Well, now you can with VSCO's copy and paste editing feature!

Speed up your editing workflow

Much like the copy and paste function on your computer (or common + c and command + v on a mac!) you have the ability to copy and paste the editing workflow from one photo to another. This is a huge time saver. Not to mention it's also how I remain consistent with my style on Instagram.

To walk you through the exact process of how to use copy and paste feature in VSCO Cam, I created a short step-by-step video tutorial so you can see this quick VSCO CAM editing tip in action and learn how to use it help streamline your mobile editing process today.

Note: The only thing the copy and paste function does copy is the crop and straighten edits from your photo. This is good news because often times these are the two features that you need to manually adjust for each photo, if at all. Other than that all the exposure, contrast, and even the chosen preset will be transferred to the photos you "paste" the effect onto.

Step-by-step guide to quick editing with VSCO Cam

To learn more about VSCO Cam's editing feature, you'll definitely want to check out a recent tutorial post I created on what each of the individual editing features of VSCO Cam has to offer and how you can use them on your own photos.

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