See University: A Photographer's Review

See University: A photographer's review

What is See University?

See University is a digital archive of everything Jeremy Cowart knows as a photographer. From the sudden and tragic death of his brother Mike “Myrick” Cowart last year, Jeremy’s big question is what if every single human documented everything they learned in life before they died? He spent over 9 months filming and teaching everything he knows as a photographer, as a husband, as a dad, and he put it all out there.

See University only offers enrollment for four weeks out of the entire year. In March of 2015, See University launched with over 75 videos but since its second launch (this week!) over 30 new video lessons have been added and more are always in the works.

See University video topics

Some Topics Include

  • Shooting minimally

  • Balancing work and family

  • Natural light

  • Lighting tricks

  • Making ideas happen

  • Breaking the rules

  • Being bold

  • Taking risks

  • Power of personal work

  • Building a brand

  • Shooting dark

  • Skin and retouching

  • Experimentation

  • Secret gear and toys

Who is See University for?

If you are anywhere on the spectrum of a photographer from a beginner photo-enthusiast to advanced amateur status, there is something here for you. Jeremy dives into specifics about his techniques used in the commercial photography industry but it’s so much more than that. Some of my personal favorite videos are the “Coffee Conversations” where it almost feels like you are sitting down and talking with a friend who just so happens to be amazing at what he does.

Anyone can learn the technical aspects of photography, what is an f-stop, how to use shutter speed, ISO, lighting, the list goes on. Jeremy shares the why of what he does and how that makes all the difference. A perfect example of this is pursuing personal projects, something he greatly encourages.

See University promo video title screenshot

Joining the See University Community

The moment I heard of See University I didn’t have to think twice about joining. He’s one of my favorite photographers and for more than just his inspiring and experimental work. I know I’m not alone when I say I feel connected to the person behind the camera, the fancy lighting setups, and thousands of social media following. Jeremy bares his soul to his audience. He doesn’t hide or keep secrets. He shares everything, the good and the bad.I’m completely self-taught when it comes to photography but I have graduated from design school and I know I’ve learned more from photographers out there like Jeremy than I ever could in a classroom setting.

If photography is what you want to do in life, joining the See University community will help you get there. And of course shooting, lots and lots of practice but you can’t to it alone.

Updates (spring 2016 relaunch)

See University recently got a facelift for it's latest launch (spring 2016). It's been completely redesigned and I'm here to share with you some new features.

New site design: From blue to red

The design of the website and even the branding of See University changed since it's first launch. The logo and branding colors changed from blue and gold to red and black. I'm not sure why they decided to redesign the brand but I happen to really be in love with the new redesign. From the emotive photography to the typography and grid design systems, the design is not only user-friendly but stunning to scroll through. When you're marketing toward creatives, it's more vital than ever to have a top notch design to show off your content.

See University: A photographer's review

Content reorganization: Easier to find what you're looking for

If it's been awhile since your last login you'll notice this screen first. Here you see the site has been reorganized to make it easier to find relevant content for you to view. There's the full archive where you can browse through the full library of videos or the option for 7 phases which is one of the best new features.

See University: A photographer's review

My account dashboard

After you press the orange X button to close, here's a glimpse into your profile dashboard. At a glance you can easily see how far into the 7 phases and full archive you've watched. You had the option to favorite videos before but the view later / bookmark videos feature is new.

See University: A photographer's review

Full archive with filters

When you choose to view content through full archive this is what you'll see.You also have the option to filter though a few options: Beginner, hide less you've seen, building a photography business, creative inspiration, and discovering the tools. This is helpful especially as the library of videos grows (as it already has since it's first launch in March 2015).

See University: A photographer's review
See University: A photographer's review

7 phases: Your journey to becoming a working photographer

As mentioned above, this is a brand new feature to See University, it's the best way to navigate through all the video content and grasp it in stages.

The seven phases are Know, See, Feel, Voice, Touch, Run, and Aspire. You can go through them in order or maybe there's one section in particular you're drawn to first.

See University: A photographer's review
See University: A photographer's review

When you choose  your phase you'll see all the videos that pertain to this lesson. This is part of Phase 1 Know (Mind) where you review the basics of your camera so you can begin to understand it inside out.

See University: A photographer's review

Another example of specific video page from another phase.

See University: A photographer's review
See University: A photographer's review

New recommended gear section

Another major update added in the relaunch is a separate gear page. It couldn't be easier to browse the amazing gear Jeremy recommends. Filter through lenses, remote lighting, support kits, camera kits, and more.

See University: A photographer's review

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