Choose Your Composition: Rule of Thirds vs. Centered

When taking a photo it’s important to think about how you’re framing your subject. Don’t just aimlessly snap away, frame with purpose! Two of the best ways to do this are centering and using the rule of thirds. I’m not a fan of centering my photos but you may love the tension it brings to your photos. The only way you’ll discover if you like it or not is to try it! I prefer shooting images off center with the rule of thirds.

Day 5 photo challenge:

Choose what you want to photograph and take two shots. Center your subject in the first and then off center in the next. Then take a look at both images, which do you prefer?

If you continue to use both compositions in every time you take photos, you’ll quickly realize what your preferences are and it becomes one more element of  your style more.


Above is an example of an ocean photo captured using the rule of thirds. But you don't have to use the rule or thirds just horizontally, explore vertical too!

Now, your turn. Center and use the rule of thirds in composing your shots and I'll see you tomorrow with challenge #6!