The Language Around You: Signage Photography

By now you’ve probably noticed my love affair with signage. Everyone should strive to have a niche in photography and mine is signage photography, usually captured in city environments.

Day 7 photo challenge:

Start to notice the language of words surrounding everyday. Look for unique signs that draw your attention and capture them. Maybe it’s the texture, the color, the typography, or even the literal message of your sign. Language can be beautiful and I encourage you to get creative with photography by find ways to capture it!

Here are some examples of signage photography I’ve captured to give you an idea of the possibilities ahead.

Can you believe it's over?! You just completed 7 days of creative shooting! I've loved getting to share more on photography with you this past week and I hope you learned a few things along the way (but more importantly, had fun)!

Again, I'd love to see some of the photos along your journey! Feel free to tag me at @mlynngalvan on Instagram.