Same Scene, Two Ways: Macro vs. Wide

When you’re in the middle of a photoshoot it’s important to take  different types of shots. One of the best examples is macro vs. wide. Wide angle shots are great for sharing a scene, showing the big picture of what’s happening. Macro or close up shots are ideal for capturing details.

Day 4 photo challenge:

Think about what you want to shoot today. Whatever your subject may be, shoot it both ways. You can create your own still life and capture the whole scene for your wide angle shot. Then get in close on one of the important details to capture your macro shot.

Then share your photos on Instagram and tag me @mlynngalvan. I can’t wait to see your wide vs. macro shots!


Notice how the first shot sets the scene? It gives you a hint of your surroundings, it sets the story. The second shot is a close up of the meal, it adds detail to the story.

Now, your turn. Go capture those wide and macro moments and I'll see you tomorrow with challenge #5!