Back to Basics: Black and White

When you’re new to photography one of the best things you can do to improve is to start with black and white. Why? Because you’ll learn quicker without the distraction of color. You’ll start to understand what good lighting is. Is the background blown out (meaning there’s too much light)? Are fine details disappearing into the shadows? Are there a range of tones? Is there enough contrast? These are the things you’ll notice right away in your black and white photos and you’ll learn how to improve them and develop a style.

Day 2: Today’s photo challenge

Wander around outdoors with your camera in search of a good subject. Take a photo (or several!) and covert one to black and white with your favorite photo editing app or Photoshop. Then I want you to take note on what you see.

  • How is the lighting?

  • How is the contrast?

  • Is it too bright or too dark?

  • Are there any distracting elements in the frame?

  • Are there enough details?

Use the answers to these questions to help make your next photograph even better.

Now, your turn. Have fun capturing the details and I'll see you tomorrow with day 3's challenge!