The Devil in the Details: Capturing Detail Shots

No matter what genre of photography you’re interested in detail shots are key. Details help capture a story. What unique details in your life can you photograph to tell a story?

Day 1: Today’s photo challenge

Choose a moment from your day and photograph it.

Maybe it’s a quiet moment with your morning coffee. Share a meal from your day. Are you an artist or writer? Capture your favorite tools in a photograph. Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses or item of clothing? Get in close and capture it.

Take a walk around your neighborhood, notice the details through the lens of your camera. Do you have a particular nightly routine like reading a book or making tea? It can be any part of your life. Be creative. Capture it with your smartphone camera or DSLR.

Feel free to share on Instagram and tag me @mlynngalvan. I’d love to see your photos!

Here’s some examples to get your inspiration flowing.

Now, it’s your turn. Have fun capturing the details and I'll see you tomorrow with day 2's challenge!