The Mission, San Francisco: Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

The Mission, San Francisco: Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

Last week I continued the Raw and Unedited series with a video of an on location photoshoot from the Mission district in San Francisco, today I'm showing you my editing process for those same exact photos.

Editing in Adobe Camera Raw

In the first edition of Raw and Unedited I shared my editing process within Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is an incredibly efficient program for photo editing. It allows you to go through your entire photoshoot, make your favorite selections for editing, go into "development" mode to edit those photos, and then export however you need.

But before Lightroom became more commonly used, your photo editing process might look like this. First you would use Adobe Bridge to gather your photos, narrow down, and make your selections for editing. Then you would open those photos in Adobe Photoshop which if you shoot in RAW would open the Adobe Camera Raw dialog to develop your photos.

Since Adobe Bridge and Photoshop's Camera Raw dialog are what I used for post-processing for so many years, I'm much quicker with editing this way and I sometimes still do. I'm still familiarizing myself with Lightroom and learning how to speed up the photo editing process but until then I use a hybrid of both.

In today's time-lapse video you can get a sense for what it's like to edit within Adobe Camera Raw and how I use it to make adjustments before opening up in Photoshop to finalize and export.