Lost— An Experiment with Collage and Lettering

Lost— An Experiment with Collage and Lettering

While going through some old magazines wondering what to toss and what to keep, I found a few pieces inspiring me to create something new. So I ripped out a couple of images, cropped in close to the more intriguing parts, taped them together, added my own touch of lettering, scanned and digitized it on my computer; below is the process and result.

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I started with a black and white portrait of a woman.

collage, lettering, design

My goal was to tell a story through a diptych, pairing two unlike images to make the viewer look twice and connect with a message of their own. I chose a smoky image of similar tones and color palette.

I felt it needed words to further establish a mood. I started with lettering the phrase "lost and found" but realized it was much stronger simplified to one word: lost.

These are created with Faber-Castell's PITT big brush artist pen black 199.

And this is what happens when you move the paper mid-scan, oops.

The final result composed in Photoshop.