Welcome to San Rafael, California

Welcome to San Rafael

Last week I shared about a recent life experience. Change is hard but when you go through tough times, there’s usually a silver lining at the end that makes it worth the struggle. Before I knew San Rafael would become my new home, I had the chance to explore the downtown streets of this city. These are some of the photos from those first visits.

Welcome to San Rafael, California: Mission San Rafael ArcángelWelcome to San Rafael, California

Mission San Rafael Arcángel

If you ever visit Central San Rafael, one of the things you’ll notice right away is this architectural gem. With the backdrop of Marin’s beautiful hills, this mission proudly bares its bold colors in the heart of the city. The pink tones are unmistakable even from a distance.

Welcome to San Rafael, California

La Misión del Gloriosísimo Príncipe San Rafael, Arcángel or the Mission of the Glorious Prince, Archangel Saint Raphael was founded in 1817. Originally it was a medical hospital treating sick Native Americans. The weather was much better than in San Francisco, which helped the ill get better. It wasn’t meant to be its own mission but grew to full mission status in 1822.

Welcome to San Rafael, CaliforniaWelcome to San Rafael, CaliforniaWelcome to San Rafael, California

The golden door

What caught my eye the most are these double golden doors. There’s so many intriguing details on this building, one glance won’t do it justice. But this is how I encourage looking at all of our surroundings. Take the time to look and find something worth capturing.

Welcome to San Rafael, CaliforniaWelcome to San Rafael, California

Hope for the future

The more photos you take over time, the more you’ll start to associate them with certain memories. Whether it’s 5, 10, or 20+ years from now, I’ll look back on this set of photos and remember this phase of my life. One of change, strength, and hope for the future. What important lessons and memories do your photos conjure?

Welcome to San Rafael, California


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