San Francisco Golden Gate iPhone Timelapse

Using the iPhone time-lapse mode

Have you ever tried out the iPhone time-lapse video mode? It works the same as shooting in normal video mode except after you hit STOP it automatically saves the clip as a sped up version from what you shot.

This is helpful for those of us who love creating time-lapse videos (one of my favorite uses for time-lapse videos are sharing my photo editing process) but maybe don’t have access to software to create and edit our own. It’s also a lot quicker for on-the-go travel. You can press record to film, shoot for as long as you want the time-lapse clip to last, and it’s done when you press STOP. No need to export to your computer, edit with software, and then export again to share. It’s that simple.

Some ideal uses for the iPhone time-lapse mode are sharing via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any of your favorite social networks. Since the video is automatically saved it’s easy to retrieve from you camera roll to share. If you’re looking to learn more about time-lapse video editing and explore the possibilities, this is a way to get your feet wet.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate

Here’s a sample of what the you can do with the time-lapse mode from your iPhone camera. I filmed the video handheld for about a minute and a half (thankfully the iPhone video has stabilization built in), just long enough to watch the boat speed past under the Golden Gate bridge. I also added a few black and white clips from behind my DSLR camera to set the scene and showed a couple of photographs of the Golden Gate at the end, also shot with the iPhone camera. It’s a short film but a small sample into more of what I’ll be exploring and sharing here in the future.


Have you experimented with the time-lapse video mode with your iPhone camera or do you prefer to use other editing software and third party apps to create and edit your own?