Downtown Seattle: Signage Photography

These are a collection of photographs from my brief visit to Seattle, Washington. There’s definitely plenty to see and do on the streets of downtown Seattle, I only wish I had more time to walk around (oh well, I guess I’ll just have to come back).

Seattle Washington wall art

A clever idea to display something for an event, projecting light onto a wall.Seattle Washington Seattle Center Winterfest typography signage

Of course I had to visit my favorite, Hard Rock Cafe, and pick up my usual keychain. I have 7 total so far: San Francisco, Orlando, Memphis, Las Vegas, Hollywood, San Diego, and now Seattle! I looked for a shirt or sweatshirt but I couldn’t find any new designs I didn’t already have.Seattle Washington Hard Rock Cafe signage typography Seattle Washington Hard Rock Cafe signageSeattle Washington Sneaker City signageSeattle Washington Sneaker City signageSeattle Washington Target store signage

The well-known Public Market Center sign, at Pike Place Market.
Seattle Washington Pike's Place Market Public Market Center SignageSeattle Washington Public Market Center Signage Seattle Washington Public Market Center signage Seattle Washington Souvenir Shirt Co. store signage

A random sign on the street someone altered that kind of made me laugh.Seattle Washington street signage Seattle Washington bar signageSeattle Washington bar signage

So many amazing coffee shops in Seattle!Seattle Washington coffee signageSeattle Washington art restaurant & lounge signage Seattle Washington Fran's Chocolate storefront signageSeattle Washington Fran's Chocolates storefront signage

A little foreshadowing into what’s coming next… Canada!Monica-Galvan-Photography_Seattle-Washington_351

The Seattle Great Wheel seen from Pike’s Place, I’m sure you can see the best of the city from the top.Monica-Galvan-Photography_Seattle-Washington_353

The Seattle Art Museum building and signage.Seattle Washington art museum signageSeattle Art Museum signageSeattle Art Museum signage

This Post Alley sign makes me feel like I stepped into the 1940s.Seattle Washington post alley signage Seattle Washington post alley signageSeattle Washington fleur de lis signage

Just as I have to always visit a Hard Rock Cafe when I travel somewhere, I too have to stop into a Harley-Davidson shop to pick up a shirt for my dad.
Seattle Washington Harley Davidson signage Seattle Washington street signage

This mural covered the corner walls of a building on S Main Street and 2nd Avenue.Seattle Washington street art mural Seattle Washington street art mural Seattle Washington street art mural

The cables above the streets reminded me of San Francisco.
downtown Seattle Washington streets

And the last stop, the King Street Station, where I waited for my bus to Vancouver, BC. The clock tower made me think of London (the city I’ve only dreamt of).Seattle Washington clock tower

To pass the time I had a lemon drop cocktail at the Lodge Sports Grille, growing more and more excited and nervous as I watched the clock tick by.Seattle Washington bar signage Seattle Washington the Lodge Sports Grille signage

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