I see the world better with a camera in my hands

The face behind the camera

San Francisco photographer. I help creatives become more confident behind the camera and discover their visual voice.

I also teach two classes on Skillshare:

I love photography, design, Instagram, Apple, Photoshop, the sound of vinyl, browsing through bookstores, road trips, and the city of San Francisco.

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Creative process

It starts with a direction, research, an idea, a sketch, a point of view. It ends with a million possibilities.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they photograph

I have a fear of forgetting. Our memories are unreliable. We’re selective, recalling the bits and pieces we feel are most important. So whenever I see something too beautiful for words, I photograph it.

I love themes, especially in photography. Mine is San Francisco, if you look close enough you’ll find it hidden everywhere. My favorite subject to shoot is the Golden Gate.

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